When it was discovered in 1697, the black swan became a symbol of a moment that completely changes the way we look at the world.

Over the coming months, we will be releasing the stories behind some of the black swan moments that have shaped the history of McLaren and motoring;
from Bruce McLaren’s bold racing debut, to the pioneering innovations that resulted in victories both on and off the track. These moments led the way for our next black swan moment – the McLaren Sports Series. Premiering on the world stage in 2015, the Sports Series will bring pure McLaren credentials to a whole new market. As well as understanding how we got to the McLaren Sports Series, we’re also going to explore black swan moments that have challenged beliefs and created the modern world around us, influencing design, fashion, technology and art. Register to be among the first to see the reveal of the McLaren Sports Series, and join the conversation using #BlackSwanMoments.

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